Risk Management


VP’s risk management tool is designed based on the requirement of top tier FX brokers in the industry. Key features include:

  • The unique and complete risk management solution in the market

    V+ Risk is a set of risk management software specially designed for the leading brokers in the industry, which provides the strongest support for your risk control team. V+ Risk software has complete and powerful functions, enabling your team to make appropriate decisions at the right time more efficiently.

  • Real-time monitoring

    V+ Risk software provides different types of monitoring functions which can assist your company in handling complex risk control and management tasks. And in term of specific functions, it includes: NOP report, close/open position P&L reports, profit status on commission rebates, open position analysis and other functions.

  • Risk Management Report

    The risk management system of V+ Risk is equipped with perfect tools to help you manage your daily risk control tasks more effectively. And V+ Risk's alarm system enables you to find abnormal transactions more efficiently and the customers can make relevant decisions timely. Risk management tools include: high-frequency trading reports, locked position reports, stopout warning and so on.

  • Risk management outsourcing

    VP TECHNOLOGY also provides customized and comprehensive risk management outsourcing services to meet the needs of customers, which greatly increases your company's risk control efficiency and enables you to focus on business development.