FX APP Development

As the foreign exchange market becomes more and more competitive, the requirements of the market to the brokers are getting higher, and the customer’s demands for the trading platform is also gradually changing. During this period of market reform, product differentiation has been a question that need to considered by every broker. With the change of modern consumption pattern, mobile terminal becomes an indispensable communication channel between the industry and customers.
In the view of FX industry, VP TECHNOLOGY helps you to customize mobile transaction APP of your own platform, bringing unique brand value to your company’s brand.

Subverting the business model of the traditional foreign exchange market

VP TECHNOLOGY Mobile Solution integrates transactions, client terminals, reports, real-time information, customer interaction, customer education and other modules on one app, which greatly enhances platform interactivity, customer loyalty and customer conversion rate.


  • Background: an Australian leading FX broker

    We have successfully developed their own mobile terminals within half a year according to their needs, and connected it to their MT4 server and CRM without any trace.

  • Result

    The customer successfully increased the proportion of direct customers from 10% to 40%, which greatly improved the marketing efficiency and cost-control of our customers.

Here are some of the functions developed for customers:

Trading platform

Powerful charting function and perfect order system enable users to get the best trading experience in the mobile terminal.
Drag the order price line with one button to set Stop Loss and Take Profit level flexibly,

  • Multi-dimensional Report

    We provide customized multi-dimensional reports to the customers so that their users can easily check the account status, IB commission rebate status. In addition, the client can also manage the account operation, deposit and withdrawal on the mobile terminal in real time.

  • Education Centre

    We have customized relevant modules for customers so they can provide complete education courses to new users.

  • Daily Market Updates

    Also we created a "daily express" window for customers so that they can provide real-time market information to users on the mobile terminal every day.

APP User Interface