Our CRM system helps you increase the ROI effectively.


With years of practical experience, V+ CRM does not only help you to manage your customer effectively, but also brings you the most up-to-date features to manage your business effectively. Key features include:

  • Tailor Made for FX Industry

    V+ CRM is a CRM system developed by VP Technology that specially designed for FX brokers. It helps FX brokers with all the routine customer management functions. And V+CRM system is customized for leading brokers in the FX industry which makes it easier for brokers to handle daily communication and management with customers.

  • Client Portal

    V+CRM has a complete IB management system, so it can greatly improve the efficiency of IB management. And through V+CRM, IBs can manage their subordinates’ commissions more efficiently in real time. Ther’s also a built-in community promotion function which helps your customers promote the market more effectively.

  • Back office management

    The back-office management system of V+CRM is designed according to the requirements of leading brokers in the industry. The system includes all the functions required by the daily operation of the brokers, including the built - in process, user permission setting and other functions. V+ CRM helps you manage your company's routine operations more efficiently.

Leanwork CRM

Leanwork is a technology company specializing in providing cloud financial technology services for foreign exchange, futures, crude oil and precious metal brokers, funds, banks and other financial institutions. The products cover the front-end and middle-end business system of brokers:
Trader Work Trader terminal system: Trader Work
Dealer Work Broker risk control and bridging system: Dealer Work
Global financial market information convergence engine: Feed Work
Brokerage business operating system + customer management CRM+ IB management system: Broker Work

Leanwork CRM is a system designed for brokers to integrate back office business operation (Back Office), customer management (CRM), IB management (IB System) and trader account management. It can seamlessly connect with mainstream trading platforms such as MT4/MT5/cTrader, and easily and quickly complete the back-office business review, such as opening accounts online and deposit and withdraw. At the same time, it can conduct one-stop customer management, group customer operation and multi-channel customer reach. Furthermore, it has automatic and flexible IB management and commission rebate system, as well as visual data analysis and flexible authority control.

  • Convenient back office business management system

    Multi-role permission control to improve data security

    Mastering accounts’ dynamic status, accounts opening and other operations.

    Directly handle the businesses like accounts opening, deposit and withdrawal online

    Various reports such as accounts, commission, sales/agency performance reports can be easily generated

  • Operate the CRM system accurately and roundly

    Automatically track the entire process from contact to transaction of users

    Adopt multi-dimensional user grouping and targeted marketing to improve conversion and retention

    Provide complete views and unified maintenance portals and gather users’ critical information

    Multiple user access channels (mail, SMS, Internal message, IP phone)

  • Powerful IB management system

    Multi-level IB management and commission rebate rule setting

    Specific IB promotion links to help sales/IBs to develop direct customers 

    Detailed commission report, which can settle the commission in real-time or daily

    Automated IB registration and application to efficiently attract quality IBs

  • Multi-dimensional intelligent report

    Discover business conversion bottlenecks and optimize operational strategies

    Analyze the channel of attracting traffic and its conversion, and optimize the channel strategies

    Master the users’ data of the platform and explore high-quality users

    Update the platform data in real time, and master the deposit and withdrawal, commission information at any time

  • Simple and efficient online account opening tool

    Open an account within 60 seconds and making deposit within 10 seconds 

    Brokers can customize forms to meet different business scenarios 

    Open an account online and provide authentic and intelligent verification of the account opening information